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Building a Simple Recording Studio for Beginners

This article contains introductory information on what the basic components of a recording studio are. It outlines the use of the multi-track recorder, the microphone, the studio monitor, the console and finally the mixing console.

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Business Management

Your Business Checkup

Whether you’re thinking it’s Spring Cleaning Time or time for an annual checkup, your business needs to undergo a checkup each year.

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All About Sheet Music

Sheet music is an important tool for established musicians and those who want to learn. If you do not know how to read sheet music, don’t worry.

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Self Development

Ways To Develop Momentum And Get Things Done

One thing that I learned from bicycle racing (actually, I am not much of a bicycle racer but I do triathlons – biking needs work) is the power of momentum. In bicycle racing the way to do better and use less energy is to pedal very, very fast and powerfully to start with, give it 120% and once you are up to speed, you can simply maintain a good even cadence.

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