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10 Questions: Do You Have What It Takes?


Do you have what it takes to be really successful?

Have you ever thought about what you must be prepared to endure and do in order to be successful in business or your career?

I think I have been asked at least 5,000 times what it really takes to be successful in business, so I jotted down 10 questions you can use to gauge whether you already have what it takes, or if you need to do a little work to get there.

Many years ago I heard Jim Rohn say that you either pay the price of discipline or the price of regret. Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons! With that said, here are 10 questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you disciplined?
  2. Do you take rejection personally? What about criticism?
  3. Do you bounce back quickly from making errors or failing over and over again?
  4. Are you a planner or do you do things by the seat of your pants?
  5. Are you prepared to take risks? Moderate or Big?
  6. Do you stay focused on one thing and one thing only until the result you want is achieved?
  7. Do you have the stamina to keep going long after everyone else is tired?
  8. Can you delegate well, or are you the only one who can do things right?
  9. Do you wait for things to happen or do you aggressively go after what you want?
  10. Do you do whatever it takes to achieve your goals or just what’s convenient?

These questions are critical for you to ask yourself in order to get a true picture of your nature and behavior.

What I have found is that successful people are aware of the consequences of not being efficient in these areas, and find other ways, resources or people to manage for them.

Food for thought? Remember to create a masterpiece!

Written by: John Assaraf

This post first published in Corpler.com.

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